Fifa World Cup Cooking Challenge 2018

The FIFA World Cup 2018 has BEGUN (!) and without a doubt, it's one of the biggest events this year.

Admittedly, I'm not overly enthusiastic about watching football, but I do still want to get involved, so I have created a challenge based on my love of food. This challenge requires me cooking a dish from every nation that's taking part in the World Cup throughout the course of days that the world cup is going on.


There are 32 countries taking part in the World Cup and 30 days from when it starts to when it ends. Before I go on, just take a moment to imagine 30 days of cooking, let alone cooking something NEW everyday. I dont even think chefs cook something NEW every single day (I mean there probably are, but it's still a chore). Oh and on top of that, some days I'll have to double up to cover the extra 2 countries.

Now, I didn't want to over complicate it (because let's not bite off more than I can chew here) by making predictions and ordering the countries by 'who's playing / who's won'. So I'm just going to go through them in group order, starting with A trailing through to H. The groups are as follows:

Group A: Russia, Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Uruguay Group B: Portugal, Spain, Morocco, Iran Group C: France, Australia, Peru, Denmark Group D: Argentina, Iceland, Croatia, Nigeria Group E: Brazil, Switzerland, Costa Rica, Serbia Group F: Germany, Mexico, Sweden, South Korea Group G: Belgium, Panama, Tunisia, England Group H: Poland, Senegal, Colombia, Japan (Why does my favourite have to be right at the very end?)

Oh the fun of starting a new challenge!

I wish I was well-travelled enough to say that I've either cooked or eaten the delicacies from EVERY single country taking part... But I haven't, so I will have to do some research into finding authentic dishes that represent the countries involved. Believe me, just from taking a generic search across the countries playing; There are a lot of meals that I've never heard of before in my life so some may not turn out that great, but it's all an education and I'm just really excited to get in the kitchen more and make foods I've never tried before.

Just a quick little disclaimer here; There will be some references from the internet but I want to keep it as genuine as possible so on top of using the omniscient interwebs (ignoring websites like Food Network and anything stating it's a 'culture-STYLE' recipe), I'm also going to use a mix of other media as a reference such as cookery books that I have lying about at home, travel and cooking TV shows, YouTube chefs or Vloggers, but only actually using recipes that I feel are authentic by their writer / chef and truly represent their country. Don't worry, I'll link or reference whatever I use (so you'll know I'm not just looking at Jamie Oliver or BBC Good Food).

Oh and I'm not giving myself shortcuts, so If a meal requires something that's not in a standard UK supermarket, I will have to source it. That means I have to take the time out (ideally in advance or on a weekend) to find and visit specialist shops for certain items.

I'm super excited to get started (famous last words), especially because I'm going to be learning lots and cooking foods from around the world! I hope you support me in my challenge and look forward to my posts.



The FIFA World Cup Cooking challenge has officially begun and I've kicked off Group A with a Traditional Russian Soup. Solyanka Soup is a chunky sour soup (it could also be considered as a stew) consisting of smoked sausage (kielbasa), beef stewing steak, chopped tomatoes, vegetables and pickles? Yep, PICKLES! Even though I absolutely love a good gherkin, I don't really cook with them nor pickle brine so that was really new for me. Being completely honest, I was quite intimidated to try this because I hadn't really delved into Eastern European meals and I was worried that my taste buds would have a little freak out. I also think I may have added too much tomato puree because it turned out to be a really rich in flavour and pretty red as you can see. But all in all it was actually pretty delicious- it's deep, rich, smokey and had a satisfying tang; just like a Chinese sweet and sour. RECIPE REFERENCES: RECIPE 1 RECIPE 2


DAY 2: SAUDI ARABIA Eid Mubarak! Today for my World Cup challenge i'm representing Saudi Arabia with their 'national dish', Chicken Kabsa! Chicken and a red basmati wild rice cooked in middle eastern spices. Being honest, I was nervous it was going to be overwhelming, because I don't measure things like spices (and there were a lot of spices that went into this dish... like cumin, cardamom, cloves, nutmeg, cinnamon,dried lemon, ginger, garlic, onion, tomatoes.) but in the end, it was pleasantly fragrant (it made my entire kitchen smell WONDERFUL), balanced, flavoursome and really really tasty. Just comforting, wholesome and hearty home cooking. Traditionally this dish would be topped with toasted almonds (as well as the raisins), but my fat-ass forgot and I ended up eating my almonds as snacks during my work week (oops!) so I topped it with some toasted sunflower seeds instead... RECIPE REFERENCES: RECIPE 1


DAY 3: EGYPT Day 3 of The FIFA World Cup Cooking challenge. and We're walking like Egyptians! I've made Saneya Semaak (Seasoned fish with peppers and Sayadeya Rice. It says that you need Jalapeno peppers, but being an Ulcerative Colitis sufferer, this is one of my mega triggers so it was a no go from me on terms of heat. Without it, providing normal sweet peppers aren't a trigger too, I genuinely think this is dish to remember if you do suffer from it too. It's light, healthy and easy to digest. I couldn't find Old Bay in any supermarkets, but from having a google Knorr Aromat seasoning is the same blend of spices so I used that instead. RECIPE REFERENCES: RECIPE 1


DAY 4: URAGUAY Day 4 of The FIFA World Cup Cooking challenge. Uruguay. Legend has it, a great chef in Punta del Este, Uruguay called Antonio Carbonada had an Argentine lady as a regular customer. One day she asked for her fave sandwich that normally was made with goat ('Chivito' in Spanish). But he had no goat, so he threw together what was on hand; Steak, ham, egg, cheese, lettuce, and mayonnaise- and it was in that magic moment the Chivito was born. It is now found everywhere in Uruguay and keeping topical, it's apparently Suarez's favourite food. So here's my Chivito and I gotta say, this is One. Hell. Of. A. 'Wich! Tenderised Beef Steak, Bacon, Deli Ham, A fried egg, (lactose free) mozzarella cheese and salad... and home cut chips. This dish is definitely not for dieters, nor the faint hearted! Damn, does it deserve every bit of it's popularity. Banging! RECIPE REFERENCES: RECIPE 1

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Olá! It looks like we've moved into Group B. I'm delving into Portuguese cuisine with a 'Bacalhau a Bras'. I have to apologise because I reckon anyone from Portugal will laugh at this and say "that is not how it's done". So I'm just gonna admit a fail here and tell you that this is an example of when you lack prep or lack images to look at before cooking, how a recipe can go wrong (even if you are a cooking enthusiast!). Being completely honest, I just rushed this. I realised while I was cooking it that I didn't have enough eggs, and when I threw them in, my pan was it on too high of a heat so the eggs were completely overdone and ended up an absolute mess- then AFTER COOKING while looking through other photos of 'Bacalhau a Bras' because I knew something didn't quite look right, I realised that I didn't cut the potatoes thin / small enough for it to be traditionally authentic, eventhough I did use a genuinely portuguese recipe to make this. Don't get me wrong, it's not all about presentation and when I ate it, it tasted how I expected it to, and was delicious. But I think one day, this will need a redo. It's all a learning experience! RECIPE REFERENCES: RECIPE 1



Day 6 and i'm celebrating España with a lonely Tapas for one... I've made a spanish style paella not too long before I started this challenge, if you scroll down my insta page, so I decided to make Gambas al Ajillo (Garlic Sauteed Prawns) and Patatas Bravas (Fried Potatoes in a creamy tomato sauce). I think the key to this dish is not to mess about with pre-packaged, pre-peeled prawns and hit the Fishmongers. I used some fresh king prawns and cooked them in their shell for that red glow that Spanish cuisine is iconic for. Good thing I wasn't with Christos because he'd probably not have wanted to be near me after eating this... RECIPE REFERENCES: GAMBAS AL AJILLO PATATAS BRAVAS



So, originally I planned to make a Traditional Tagine to represent Morocco in my Fifa World Cup Challenge. But I had to scrap that idea because I don't have an expensive clay tagine pot nor a spare 4hours... I'm not gonna lie, I really struggled finding a replacement recipe here, because when you search "Authentic Moroccan Recipe", you're swarmed by Moroccan 'Style' Meals promoted by Supermarkets, TV Cooking channels and TV chefs. BUT after a long research session, I found @cookingwithalia, a Moroccan Youtube Chef! So here's my take on her recipe for quick Moroccan lamb chops served with cous cous and roasted veggies. RECIPE REFERENCES: LAMB CHOPS COUS COUS

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Please can we be adults here... Because I am VERY aware of what my attempt of an Iranian Beef Kebab looks like. I really tried and this is one of my weakest meals on terms of presentation (I know I've said before, it's not about presentation at all because these meals do taste absolutely delicious) but y'know, learning to cook a new meal from a new place every day is literally giving you a real in-site into the skills I do and definitely don't possess, like shaping ground / minced beef kebabs. To be honest, the past couple days (Portugal, Morroco and Iran) have been a real emotional roller coaster. Today I think what's really hit is the fact that I feel like, by failing a dish, I'm almost insulting a culture which obviously- is not what I'm trying to do... I'm trying to learn more about other cultures. I've realised that the skills I had when I started this challenge were LITERALLY the tip of the home-cooking-ice-burg. There's just so much I don't know. This isn't the Noodle bowl or Filipino rice bowl lifestyle I'm used to and I'm really being taken our of my comfort zone. I know it's all part of the challenge and I have to keep my chin up and keep going. Back to the dish and some positive vibes, I paired my kebabs with Persian Rice (white basmati topped with a saffron dyed basmati crown- SUCH a colour contrast) and a Persian Khoresh Bademjan (Roasted Aubergines and Yellow Split Lentils- I just need to say this side dish was so good that I definitely will be making it again- Christos described them as 'Bang Bang Lentils!') And that's Group B over and done with! RECIPE REFERENCES: BEEF KOOBIDEH KEBAB KHORESH BADEMJAN




Bonjour mes amis! Aujourd'hui, pour le jour 9 du Coupe du monde, j'ai cuisiné du confit de canard avec des pommes de terre sautées et un mélange de légumes sautés et rôtis. (I really hope I translated that correctly because I only know basic french- believe it or not I didn't use google translate... Okay maybe for correct spellings and for accents but that's it!) But yeah, en anglaise: Hey Buds! Today, for day 9 of my world cup challenge, I've cooked Duck Confit with Sauteed Potatoes and a mix of roasted and sauteed vegetables (cutting down on foodwaste by cooking and eating ALL the veg!). I ate this almost every dinner when I went to Paris when I was younger; I loved it that much! In order to make Duck confit as opposed to standard roast duck, you prepare it well in advance by curing it in salt for 24hours (Well the longer, the better) and after rinsing off all the salt the next day, roasting it in its own fat. It is WELL WORTH the effort and wait. The meat has a texture that's unreal- it's almost as if it melts on your tongue. RECIPE REFERENCES: RECIPE 1 📷


Anyone for Chicken Parmigiana? G'day mate, It's day 10 (I said yesterday was 10 but yeah, clearly i don't know how to count) of my World cup challenge and I've russled up an Australian classic! This is a crispy chicken breast schnitzel, baked in a rich tomato sauce and topped with Mozarella. Served with homemade / home cut oven chips and dressed lettuce (since I didn't have anything to make a whole salad. Lets just say I really need to do a foodshop.) This is one hell of a treat meal and I suffered a major food coma afterwards but it was sooooo good. RECIPE REFERENCES: RECIPE 1



Day 11 of my World Cup Challenge and i'm getting my emperors new groove on with a Lomo Saltado because i'm representing Peru today. Lomo Saltado is a spicy steak stirfry with tomatos, onion and lots of chilli. This dish has a crazy fusion of flavours from the use of both chinese and south american influences. I was scared to try this at first (because as you know, being asian, i love a bog-standard east asian stirfry and that's what i'm used to) but it tastes like the lovechild of a stirfry and a fajita and it was BANG! Traditionally served with chips and rice, so i've kept that tradition of serving carb on carb. Cue the food coma! RECIPE REFERENCES: RECIPE 1



Day 12 of my world cup challenge and i'm cooking for Denmark! I genuinely can't believe i've made it even this far and i'm defo gonna keep going! Today I made Stegkt Flaek which is deepfried pork, served with simple veggies and roasted new potatoes in a creamy parsley sauce. Really simple and hella good! RECIPE REFERENCES: RECIPE 1




Don't cry for me Argentinaaaa! Day 13 and I made a cute little batch of golden Beef Empanadas. These little parcels of joy contain ground beef (for vegetarians you could totally do this with quorn or soya mince) cooked with onion, a mix of colourful peppers, cayenne, cumin, paprika and oregano. Wait for it to cool down and wrap with shortcrust pastry. Paint with Egg and bake until golden. I made a batch of 6 and I could've eaten them all on my work lunch break but it felt only right to share them with my boy and leave some at home. RECIPE REFERENCES: RECIPE 1

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Day 14 of the worldcup challenge and i'm cooking for Iceland. I made a big hearty bowl of Fiskisupa. Mixed seafood (I used salmon, cod and big ol' prawns), baby potatoes and veggies in a rich tomato broth. Traditionally, this would be served with cream but being lactose intolerant, it's only dependant on whether I can find the right replacements in my local supermarket (aka... ran out of lactose free cream). I guess i could've used coconut but coconut cream has such a distinct flavour i reckon it would've changed the whole dish and I want to keep my meals as close to authentic as possible. It tasted super good and this dish would be PERFECT for winter but it's not been soup weather at all, it's been 27-29 degrees all this week and I defo felt the heat discomfort while eating. RECIPE REFERENCES: RECIPE 1



Not my normal World Cup Cooking Challenge post because this is more of a personal confession. Today I cooked for Croatia, and I cooked their iconic black risotto. In order to make this dish, I had to face and conquer working with an ingredient (well creature) that I'm actually PETRIFIED of... Squid. I developed an irrational fear of Cephalopods (Squid, Cuttlefish and Octopi) from about the age of 9-10. To this day I'll never know what sprung my fear of tentacle-y creatures but for years, I could barely look at them and I couldn't be in or near kitchen when my mum was preparing squid. I normally get panicky if I look at them for too long in photos, videos, documentaries or movies (eg. Davy Jones from Pirates of the Caribbean... and I've never ever watched Finding Dory...) I find it so strange because, before 'getting' this crazy fear, I have positive memories of my first couple trips to the Philippines as a child, eating squid (adobong pusit) just fine and knocking back fried or pickled whole baby octopus like they were chicken nuggets! I don't know what happened. I 'restarted' to eat squid rings at the age of 19-20 and developed a love for Wagamama's Chilli Squid, but I struggle to eat it in any other way (and tentacles are a complete NO-GO.) For this dish, I went to the fishmonger, I bought a whole squid, I took it home and prepared it (with gloves- it took me about 45 minutes to prepare because I was poking, prodding, observing, examining and reassuring myself) and created a dish from it. I'm super proud that I got that far. Here's the sad part; Even though it tasted really good (essentially just being a bowl of normal garlicy rissotto) I got through about half of the bowl until my psych got the better of me and I panicked and had to dump it. This was the only dish of this whole challenge, so far, that I couldn't finish... I'm sorry, Croatia! RECIPE REFERENCES: RECIPE 1



Still cooking away every day for my World Cup Cooking Challenge today i'm cooking for Nigeria! Oh boy, oh boy, oh boy, i knew from the VERY beginning that this was going to be one of my favourite meals. I made some spicy oven-grilled chicken, served on a bed of Jollof rice with Dodo (fried plantain) and it was absolutely BANG BANG! RECIPE REFERENCES: JOLLOF RICE SPICED CHICKEN




Just over halfway now, and I'm Delving into Group E! I haven't cooked nor posted a fried egg in FOREVER! Day 17 of my World Cup Cooking Challenge and I'm representing Switzerland with... Breakfast! A simple Swiss potato röschti and a fried egg. This was super easy there was no chance it could've gone wrong with this! Perfect Breakie! RECIPE REFERENCES: RECIPE 1




I've missed a day 📷🙈 I know. I'm feeling pretty under the weather because of the heat. I've not been sleeping very well at all and it's triggered massive headaches and dehydration. I'd like to say i'm back on it but I reckon it'll be rocky on terms of how reliable i'm going to be with my cooking and posts. Today I have Costa Rica, and I've made Casado which means marriage and in a way, it kinda does represent marriage... All things amazing combined into one great dish. I have salad, rice, avo, fresh tomato, grilled fish, fried plantain and deliciously slow stewed black beans with peppers. I've got a little friend in the background who wants some of this too. Probably not gonna finish this but atleast it's all good and healthy stuff! I didn't use a recipe as such for this... Except for the stewed black beans. RECIPE REFERENCES: SOPA NEGRA BLACK BEANS



Day 19 of the World Cup Cooking Challenge and I've got Brazil! I attempted to make Pao de Queijo. When I say I attempted to make these, they didn't turn out as good... Too much flour and they dried out. Another meal I may have to try again. I first tried these when my old work mate (brazillian) brought these into my old office... And let's just say I turned into the worst lactose intolerant on the planet. They were so good and super morish. Crispy on the outside, cheesy and fluffy on the inside. Mine were more like cheesy cookies. RECIPE REFERENCES: RECIPE 1



Back on cooking dailyyyyy for my #worldcupcooking challenge. Today I've got Serbia! So I've made Cevapi with onions and tomatoes, ajvar and a home made flat bread. These literally tasted like little burgers in sausagey kofta-y kebaby form (they're supposed to be like that). These were really easy to make and a made a good few so I can have some for lunch tomorrow too. All about that food waste saving! I've eaten a bit too much meat this challenge, so I think once it's all over I'm gonna get back on my pescatarian game because tbh, it's not doing too good for me. Like all this meat is getting too heavy and I really miss my old lifestyle. RECIPE REFERENCES: CEVAPI AJVAR (RED PEPPER DIP)




Day 21 of my #WorldCupCookingChallenge and I've made a German Pork Schnitzel and a very... White... Spaetzel. (You can't just ask her why she's white- mean girls) 📷😂 But yeah I don't understand... 2 eggs, 1 cup of flour, 1/4 cup of milk and some butter (lactose free ofcourse). If any of you know what I may have done wrong please let me know... Like why did it get so pale?! (I would love to say it was my camera but it generally was just white). ALSO I can't be the only one suprised that germany didn't make it to the world cup quarter finals during the world cup... Their national team has definitely dipped. But oh well, things are changing and that just means that this year, IT'S COMING HOME! RECIPE REFERENCES: PORK SHNITZEL SPAETZLE



Almost forgot to post today's Mexican Tostada for #WorldCupCookingChallenge because Love Island got too intense. I hope you appreciate my honesty I'm yet to find a mexican food that I can eat without getting the contents of it EVERYWHERE, I had beans in my hair, there was salsa and salad all over my face but damn, I would've eaten this again and again and again. RECIPE REFERENCE: RECIPE 1

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Probably not my best nor strongest post as once again I've missed a day of my #WorldCupCookingChallenge... but I feel like it's all with good reason because what a special weekend that was! The sun was shining, drinks were flowing, #pride was brightening the streets of london and England absolutely smashed it against Sweden (who this tray of food technically is for... Timing! Am I right?!) For sweden I have put together a smörgåsbord for one, featuring Janssons Frestelse, a couple slices of Rye bread, Smoked salmon with dill, pickled herring, beetroot salad and cucumber (just kinda needed to use up the cucumber). I am planning on catching up on my dishes, as I'm technically bebind by two meals but it's fine! I reckon I can still do it! RECIPE REFERENCE: JANSSONS FRESTELSE RODBETSALLAD



YAY FOR ASIAN FOOD! Not to sound rude to other countries, but look, I'm half asian, and I eat asian food atleast 3-4times a week and it's been almost 2 and a half weeks that I've not eaten my favourite foods. I've made Beef bulgogi, with rice and kimchi to represent South Korea in my #WorldCupCookingChallenge. Check out my story to see how I made it because it is BANG BANG BANG BANG! RECIPE REFERENCE: BEEF BULGOGI




ON TO A NEW GROUP! Starting Group G with a seriously good brunch dish! I'm going to post twice today to catch up on the day I missed on the weekend. Today for my#WorldCupCookingChallenge i've cooked for Tunisia with a big pan of chakchouka. This middle-eastern dish is getting more and more trendy, commonly under the name "skillet eggs" and it's understandable why it's so popular, it's savoury, it's got lots of good and healthy nutrition, it's tasty, it's filling, it's sharable and my god is it satisfying to dipping and wipe bread through it! Lush! RECIPE REFERENCE: CHAKCHOUKA



For my #WorldCupCookingChallenge tonight, I have made Moules-frites, the food of Belgium (who are, as of now, unfortunately out of the world cup... Ouch!) I was watching the match as I wrote this post. Mussels, cooked in a creamy, white wine sauce infused with garlic, parsley and thyme and served with homecut chips because that's just how they do it. I ABSOLUTELY LOVE mussels and this is definitely a luxury meal and lets just say "perfect for couples" wink wink. RECIPE REFERENCE: MOULE



A bit of a late post tonight but it's with good reason as the semi finals were on tv. It's no longer coming home, but heads are still held high as we're all super proud of our boys! Maybe in 4 years we'll bring it home! Back to my #WorldCupCookingChallenge, for Panama i've cooked Corvina Al Ajillo (fried king fish cooked with garlic, Panamains normally cook with either seabass or king fish and since I did seabass for Egypt a couple weeks back, i thought, lets cook some king fish instead), served with Arroz Con Coco (coconut milk cooked rice), Tajadas (fried plantain) and Salad (salad). God aren't I just hilarious. RECIPE REFERENCE: CORVINA AL AJILLO



Today for my #WorldCupCookingChallenge I have cooked for my home team, who went out of the world cup challenge yesterday, England. I am so proud of the lads and how well they've played this world cup. Now, I may be getting pretty cocky here but I want to tell all of my international friends and followers... This is how a British Sunday (well thursday) Roast Dinner should be done. I've been eating meat for about maybe 2 months, but i've always known how to make a good roast. Blushing roast beef, taters, a mix of roasted carrots, parsnips, onion and steamed broccoli, peas, greenbeans from my mums garden, sauteed cabbage... A GIANT YORKSHIRE PUDDING (which I made while having an anxiety attack, fun fact) All smothered in bisto gravy. Wait, Bisto Gravy? Not home made?! Well, i only cooked enough beef for one person so not that many juices came off it and to be fair, it may have been cheating but i genuinely love me a bit of Bisto Gravy. This badboy only took me a total of 2hours to make but whatever, it's absolutely perfect in my eyes. Now to devour! I am very aware that I will not be able to finish this by the way. RECIPE REFERENCE: UNFORTUNATELY, NO REFERENCE NEEDED HERE! I'M BRITISH!




Yesterday's post! Because I got drunk with my workmates yesterday evening and forgot to post (SMART MOVE! Even smarter knowing I still have 3 meals and 2 days and I'm fighting a hangover). I AM ON MY FINAL GROUP! The end of my #WorldCupCookingChallenge is so near now. Yesterday I cooked for Senegal. I made Mafé which is a spicy beef and peanut butter (yes, peanut butter) stew with peppers and carrots. It smelt and tasted like satay or kare kare. Well good!



Post numero dos today for my#WorldCupCookingChallenge, Columbian Sudado de Pollo. A super savoury fragrant and mildly spicy chicken stew with peppers and potatoes. Comforting and definitely a hangover cure!



Cześć! One of two FINAL dishes being served and posted today. This morning for my #WorldCupCookingChallenge I made Polish Bigos stew (otherwise known as hunters stew). In the bowl there is braised pork belly (you can use any type of stewing pork), bacon, kielbasa sausage, sauerkraut (okay, I cheated and didn't make the sauerkraut myself, thank you Asda! Don't hate me. I just didn't have 6 months spare prior to this challenge to make my own sauerkraut 📷🙄), cabbage, chopped tomatoes, onion, garlic and stock, slowly simmered together to make this rich and smokey stew. Totally delicious but I'd want to stay away from me after all this meat and cabbage... Toot toot!



THE LAST OF MY WORLD CUP MEALS! I've officially completed my #WorldCupCookingChallenge with one of my FAVOURITE FOODS! Japanese Ramen, with Lanzhou ramen noodles, fried tofu, wakame and a spoonful of chilli oil all swimming in a miso broth! I've waited way too long to eat this! I was so excited it didn't even last 5minutes in the bowl. I should've just eaten it out of the pot! Had get a fan on while I ate it because I love my soupy noodles spicy... and the weather in the UK is spicy at the moment too! I used my own recipe on this- click here to find out how I cook my Japanese Ramen!



That's it! 32 dishes cooked over 30days and the final match is OVER. France has officially won the world cup and I have finished my world cup cooking challenge! I may have missed 2 days through not being a totally responsible adult but hey ho! Only gone and done it didn't I. A few of my doubtless favourite foods were, Saudi Arabia's Chicken Kabsa, the world cup winners with their French Confit de Canard, Nigerian's Chicken with Jollof Rice and Dodo, the English Roast dinner and OBVIOUSLY Japanese Ramen! To be honest they were all so delicious and all in different ways! Now lets see if I can get through my next challenge; holding up a diet because the chunkiness is real. The past 32days have been one big ol' food baby! I have to thank everyone for their continuous support through the ups and downs of this challenge. It took a lot of brain and time usage. I may be slightly burnt out but I am extremely proud just for finishing!

Stay tuned for what I've got planned next!



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