Basic Beef Stir Fry (Cantonese)

Ingredients: 100g Beef Steak per person, chopped into bitesized pieces. For Marinade: 1tsp Chopped / Minced Ginger 1tsp Chopped / Minced Garlic 1tsp Corn Flour 1/2 White Onion 1tbs Light Soy Sauce 1tbs Dark Soy Sauce 1tsp Sesame Oil For Stir Fry: Noodles (About 1 and a half nests of dry noodles per person, 75g per person if they're noodle sticks. You can also use fresh noodles - just use the instructions on the packaging.) Your Favourite Stir Fry Veggies (Click here for some ideas of what veggies are great to use.)

A thumb sized piece of Ginger (This can be minced or sliced if preferred)

1 Clove of Garlic Chopped 1/2 White Onion Sliced (Alternatively, you can use the white part of a 2x large spring onions and keep the rest to garnish)

1tbs of a light cooking oil (I personally like Canola for Stir Frys)

1tbs Light Soy Sauce 1tbs Dark Soy Sauce 1tbs Water


Finely Sliced Spring Onion

Chopped Chilli, Chilli Oil or Chilli Flakes (Optional)

Sesame Seeds (Optional) A drizzle of Sesame Oil Place your beef in container or bowl. Add 1tbs of dark soya sauce, 1tbs of light soy sauce, half a chopped onion or the white part of 2x spring onions, 1tsp of chopped / minced garlic and 1sp of chopped /minced ginger and 1tsp of corn flour (this will lock in moisture and keep the beef succulent.) Combine well, cover and leave to one side to marinate for at least an half an hour before cooking. For the best results, marinate for 24 hours in the fridge. Remove and bring to room temperature before cooking.

Prepare your noodles by rinsing them with cold water and then soaking them in a bowl of boiling water whilst you prepare your veg. Chop up all your veggies as you see fit, chunks, slices, however you please but try and cut them the same size to allow for even cooking. If you're using leafy greens, separate the leafy parts from the stems and leave them to one side.

In a separate bowl combine your light soy sauce, dark soy sauce, with a tbs of water. Now you're ready to wok. Hur Hur. This is when you need to gather everything together so make sure you have everything you need within arms reach because you won't have time to go digging through cupboards.

Get a wok on a high heat. Pour a tbs of oil in and give it a little swish around the wok to coat it. You want to see the oil start to smoke a little to know its hot enough (If you add ingredients to a cold. Then you want to go in with the aromatics; the onion, ginger, garlic and chilli (optional). If you don't like biting into ginger (like me) give it a squash with the side of your knife blade and keep it whole while you stir fry. You can dig it out and remove it later. Give them a good stir around the base of the wok and let them cook for about a minute. After about a minute, Add your beef and cook until well browned this should take about 6-10minutes depending on the size of your cuts of meat.

Then go in with the veggies (ignoring the leafy parts for now). You want to move these (almost) constantly so they don't sear or burn. Once you get to the 5-6minute mark you want to quickly drain your noodles (they should be soft but still with a little bite to them), give them a quick rinse with cold water to stop them sticking and add these to the wok. This is when you want to add the leafy parts of your veg. Allow another 5mins of cooking time before adding your sauces, still stirring constantly. Add your sauce and give it a good stir in letting it cook for a further 2mins. Plate up or transfer to a serving dish (Do not keep it in the wok, it will carry on cooking or get stuck to the bottom). Garnish with a drizzle of sesame oil, chopped spring onion, fresh chilli / chilli oil or flakes and sesame seeds and you're done!


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