Clean Eating Asian

It's a truth universally acknowledged that junk food take-aways are unhealthy (greasy, carby and heavy), unnecessarily expensive and take FOREVER to deliver. 
But Oh, don't we just love it. I know definitely do; Especially when I'm feeling lazy *cough* or hungover *cough*.


As much as I eat Asian food, my favourite type of take-away is an Asian one (Chinese, Thai, Japanese, Indian... you name it!) and I don't know about you but after eating any type of takeaway, i'm normally left feeling heavy, tired and sad (basically, hating myself)
and thats not really how I want to feel after treating myself to my favourite foods. It takes the meaning of "treat" out of it.


 I've taken on the task of using my Asian roots and cooking knowledge, to recreate some of your Oriental / Asian takeaway faves with recipes that are delicious, nutritious, quick to whip up (under that 45min delivery time) with ingredients you can find easily at any local supermarket.

Lets turn your 'Cheat-Day Chinese' into a Regular-Daily-Dinner as I've developed these recipes specifically to both settle your cravings, satisfy that savoury tooth AND be healthy enough that if you wanted to, you could eat them daily.

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