Hey, I'm Kay!

I’m a rice and noodle obsessive, born and bred in Greater West London. 


This blog is a collection of home-cooking recipes (aka. my dinners), memoirs of my Filipino-British upbringing and missions to satisfy my constant craving for Asian food whilst staying reasonably HEALTHY*!


*I was diagnosed with Ulcerative Colitis in 2015, and since 2018 I have swung in and out of remission. I created 'Clean Eating Asian' to help with when I have to cut out foods from my Asian-food lifestyle.

An East-meets-West love story is probably the best way to describe, not only my existence *BIG SHUDDER*, but my cooking style based on a half English and half Filipino upbringing. 


MamaCal (aka my mum) taught me everything I needed to know about oriental cooking from a very young age. I was cooking egg fried rice at 7-8 years old. She fills me with foodly ambition and throughout my life, constantly pushed me to try all things ugly, weird and wonderful. She grows an abundance of vegetables in our back garden which feature in a lot of my posts throughout harvest time.


Admittedly, a lot of the European and other World Food knowledge came from travels, cook books, Saturday Kitchen and following my favourite chefs and celebrities on instagram.

Being a home cook, I never attended culinary school so my skills are far from Michelin-star-worthy. ​I strongly believe that all recipes are versatile and you will find this reflected in my recipes; with the use of unconventional cooking methods, budget-friendly ingredients, utilising leftovers and generally swapping things about based on what happens to be lying about in my fridge. 


I consider cooking as a form of therapy, a creative outlet, and a skill based on personal preference / technique. Like all creative hobbies, you're free to create and improvise. Baking on the other hand... Lets not go there.

Although I love food and spend a lot of my time attempting to create recipes that feature all food groups and food types, I am completely against mushrooms (Don’t try and argue it with me, I just don’t like them at all) and therefore will not feature them or promote them in ANY of my recipes, nor the food I eat at restaurants. They WILL be removed dishes. Bleugh! 

I also have a massive fear of Celaphopods so, Octopus, Squid (calamari is fine) and Cuttlefish, but anything with suckers is a complete no-go!

Outside of my foodie lifestyle, I'm a graphic designer and an adult version of my 2010 Emo-teen-self that never grew out of my phase (see, it wasn't just a phase, mum!). I love wearing black and listening to nostalgic Pop-Punk, Hardcore, Nu and Heavy Metal so if i'm not cooking you may find me at a gig. I also do calligraphy as a hobbie.

I hope you appreciate reading my blog. (These things are hard work).


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